Keynote Speeches - Presentations - Seminars - Consulting 

Laurel is a nationally recognized presenter who works with teachers,
principals, school board members and parents.

Presentations for Administrators 

  Sample Topics

  > The In-Box Never Sleeps: Managing Communications

  > Where The Rubber Meets The Road: Supervising Instruction

  > The Fezziwig Principal: Motivating Staff

  > Who’s Renting Space in Your Head: Mental Health

  > Living Well is the Best Revenge: Stress Reduction

  > ABC’s of Crisis Communication


Presentations for Teachers

  Sample Topics

  > Great Teachers are Powerbrokers: Creating a Culture of Success

  > Great Teachers are Ringmasters: Strategies for Behavior Management

  > Great Teachers Don’t Take Yes (or No) for an Answer: Inquiry Teaching

  > Great Teachers Know A Hemingway When They See One: Getting to the Heart of Writing

  > Great Teachers are Escape Artists: The Community as Classroom

  > Great Teachers are Insurrectionists: Teaching Social Justice

  > Great Teachers are Life Long Learners: Thriving in a Famine Culture


Laurel has worked with many organizations, including:

National Association of Secondary School Principals

National Association of Elementary School Principals

Kentucky Leadership Academy

International German School, Cambridge, MA

New York State Dept. of Education: Non-Public School Administrators

UFT Teacher Center New York City

New York State Teacher Centers Summer Institute

National Summer Institute for Teachers, The Guggenheim Museum, New York City

Louisiana Association of School Executives

Association of School Administrators, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Western New York State Administrators Conference

Association of California School Administrators

Fairfax County Administrators Association, Virginia

Association of Washington School Principals

Oklahoma Association of Elementary School Principals

CIDEL Committee for Identifying and Developing Educational Leadership, Erie 1 BOCES

Principals’ Executive Program (PEP) University of North Carolina

Confederation of Oregon School Administrators

Piedmont Triad Education Consortium, University of North Carolina

West Seneca District, New York 

Lackawanna School District, New York

Clarence Central School District, Buffalo, New York

Livingston Parish School District, Louisiana 

Erie1 BOCES West Seneca, New York

Southtown Teacher Center, Hamburg, New York

Commack School District Superintendent’s Conference, New York

Badgett Regional Educational Cooperative, Kentucky

Buffalo Teacher Center Regional Conference, New York

Oleans Teacher Center Professional Development Seminar, New York

Los Angeles Unified School District 

Annenberg Institute/ Inner City Arts Center, Visiting Scholar  

Museum of Contemporary Art Education Department 

Los Angeles County Museum of Art Education Department



Presentations on Social Studies


Sample Topics:

Investigations: Discovering Content Through Primary Sources

Informants: How To Make Dead People Talk (Exploring Diaries, Journals  & Letters) 

Thinking With Things: Using Art, Architecture and Objects as Research Tools

Place–Based Explorations and Discoveries in Your Community

Does This Still Happen? Linking History to Current Events

Who Do We See About That? Social Justice Projects Beyond the Classroom

Literature as Content: Using Novels, Biographies, Autobiographies & Plays

Personal Stories: Creating Oral Histories