Classroom Confidential:
The Twelve Secrets
of Great Teachers

Laurel Schmidt's gone on assignment, interviewing master educators, observing their classrooms, and uncovering the twelve secrets that all stand-out teachers share. The result, Classroom Confidential, is the ultimate paperback mentor for novices and veterans alike, an across-the-curriculum guidebook with the scoop on how best practices can make you a great teacher.

Brimming with practical instructional strategies, tips on classroom management, and hundreds of leads on teaching resources, all in a read-it-today-do-it-tomorrow format, Classroom Confidential dishes the goods on every aspect of successful teaching, including:

  > using multiple intelligences to master content standards

  > authentic reading and writing activities

  > inquiry-based instruction

  > teaching for social justice

  > reaching special-needs students

  > community as classroom

  > hands-on social studies projects

  > integrating the arts into academics.

Schmidt gives you everything you need to double or triple your instructional capabilities, including a step-by-step plan to improve parent-teacher communication, guidelines for avoiding burnout, and a do-it-yourself kit for creating a culture of success in your classroom.

Go behind closed doors and into the minds of outstanding educators to discover why the inside story about their success is so important to yours. Read Classroom Confidential and be in the know about what makes a great teacher.

Table of Contents:

Secret #1: Great Teachers Are Equal Opportunists
Capitalizing on How Kids Learn
Secret #2: Great Teachers Are Power Brokers
Building a Culture of Eptness
Secret #3: Great Teachers Are Ringmasters
Nurturing Free-Range Students in a High-Stakes World
Secret #4: Great Teachers Are Curiosity Seekers
Fostering Success in Multicultural Classrooms
Secret #5: Great Teachers Don't Take No (or Yes) for an Answer
Teaching by Asking Instead of Telling
Secret #6: Great Teachers Know a Hemingway When They See One
Getting to the Heart of Writing
Secret #7: Great Teachers Are Escape Artists
Exploring the World Beyond
Secret #8: Great Teachers Are Gossipmongers
Putting the Social Back in Social Studies
Secret #9: Great Teachers Are Drama Queens
Using the Arts as a Second Language
Secret #10: Great Teachers Are Insurrectionists
Learning Through Social Action
Secret #11: Great Teachers Speak in Tongues
Mastering Communication in the Information Age
Secret #12: Great Teachers Are Lifelong Learners
Reaching, Recharging, and Moving On

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